Your identity shapes your reality

Who’d you say you were again?

Your identity shapes your reality, but you’re actually not who you think you are.
Your identity is in fact a creation thats been moulded and conditioned over time. It’s a constructed idea made from a collection of names and labels and stories that we stick to ourselves and others stick to us building up layer upon layer of idea about who we are, what were like, were were good at, what were not, if were lucky were not, what sort of person we are. And over time this collection of labels, stories and ideas becomes more and more real to us. So much so that we begin to view the world looking through the lens of these ideas, through the frame of this false constructed narrative, the more we see the world in this way, the more it reinforces the identity we hold about ourselves and before we know it, it seems absolutely completely real and true to us.
So guess what we then see in the world?
A world that reflects these ideas, identity and stores.
And guess what we then create in the world?
A life that reflects the identity we hold and what we believe is true and possible for us.
Your external world is a direct reflection of your internal identity.
The thing about this, most peoples idea of who they are, their ‘identity’ started being conditioned from the minute they were born and we never even played a part in it! Were are instead mostly a construct if who other people saw us to be and we started to believe it, we believed the things are parents said, our teachers said, our friends said, people at work said, our ex partners said and so on and so on. A narratives been created and reinforced our who lives and and we’ve lived a whole entire life time up until now living out of these ideas and beliefs about who we are and what were capable of.
Ever noticed that almost constant narrative in your head? The one talking to you about who you are, who you’re not, and all the things that arrest available to you because you’re just not (good enough, pretty enough, clever enough, successful enough, lucky enough) well thats the voice of your unconscious conditioned identity thats secretly working behind the scenes running your life!
So if you want to create something different in your external world the first place to go to isn’t the thing you need to DO differently, but is instead the person you need to BE differently.
The first place to look is ALWAYS your internal identity.
Who do you currently see yourself as?
Who would you need to see yourself as in order to have the thing you want to create?
The thing about this understanding is, once you start to see that who you believe yourself to be and what you believe you’re capable of is actually a direct result of your identity, which is in fact itself a falsely constructed narrative made up from stories, labels and repetition of these ideas, YOU are then given the power to start consciously creating who you desire to be and what you wish to see in the world.
Through daily cultivation, through conscious self creation, you can begin crafting a creating a narrative that supports the manifestation of a life that really aligns with your highest vision.
So if you want something different you really do have the ability to create something different, but it starts first with taking a lookout who you believe yourself to be and seeing the truth of the limitations you think you have.

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