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FREE Wildly Wealthy Money Making Audio Track!

subconscious mindHey

I was going through some of my old resources yesterday and stumbled across this fabulous audio track that was created for my money mindset group and I wanted to share it with you. Its a fabulousresource for those of you who want to shift your money mindset and let go of some of those old limiting beliefs that have kept you from attracting the kind of money you desire in your life. 
Scientific research shows us that up to 95% of everything we think, feel and do is determined by the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the part of your mind  that records behaviour and creates habits and is designed to keep you safe. Your beliefs, including your money beliefs, are stored here. So although you consciously say you want to create more wealth and abundance in your life and you decide that your going to start thinking abundantly, acting abundantly and doing all the things, you’re actually only creating with the 5% that is your conscious mind and if the patterns, beliefs, environment and behaviours you witnessed around money as you’ve moved through your life don’t match what you want to now create consciously, you’re going to become stuck!
The best way to get your unconscious onboard so that you can start to create the kind of wealth you desire is by repetition and I wanted to make it SUPER easy for you so this track is designed for you pop on in the background or use as meditation and it does the hard work for you sending subliminal commands on repetition to your unconscious.

DOWNLOAD HERE Listen to it as often as you desire and allow yourself to become open to the flow of more income and abundance in your life.

With Love & Gratitude 

Louise xo  


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