Master the skill of creation
and unlock phenomenal success

There's a secret untapped supermarket power within you, YOU are an infinite unlimited being, a born creator, capable of incredible things,

Yet you were born into a world of misunderstanding that squashes us down, has us playing small, dimming our light, letting go of our dreams and conditions us into believing we are less than, not good enough, incomplete and need to prove ourselves in order to be ‘better’. 

This leads us to forgetting the true essence of who it is we really are, the magic and miracle of this gift called life, and the power that we have as phenomenal co-creators of our own realities.

And so, instead of creating and living our highest potential, expanding, impacting and building an abundant, joy filled life, we spend our time seeking, searching, doubting, wishing, hoping, sabotaging our lives away, living out of old habits, patterns and wounds, that take us spiralling down into an even further loop of feeling, thinking and believing that who we are isn’t enough.

We’re constantly conditioned to look outside of ourselves for the answer, for the thing we think we need in order to feel complete, the ‘it will be better when’, the idea that you just need to fix and change yourself and your beliefs in order to be good enough, in order to have what you want, not knowing that the conditioned idea of who you are right now is broken, flawed, missing something is being unconsciously enforced and that life is a problem to be solved.

When actually, the opposite is true; 

You ARE the abundant co-creative power of the entire universe!

However, most of us today are not consciously creating what it is that we actually want in life, and are instead endlessly living out old cycles, habits and beliefs that we bought into years ago, because we've never been taught how to see our our greatness and recognise the truth our our creative power, or how to effectively use it

until now........

Introducing Reality Recoding 

6 Month Group Coaching Membership where you will learn how to, Master the Skill of Conscious Creation and Unlock Phenomenal Success 

Maybe you’re someone who’s spent a ton of money, time and energy on personal development work, tools, techniques and ‘spiritual’ approaches, already discovering the knowing that you really are the one creating your reality, and yet part of you is still unclear on exactly how you’re doing it, you ‘get it’ intellectually but you’ve not quite been able to ‘live it’ and ‘experience it’ in an embodied way where you actually see results and create the happiness, freedom, power, peace and success that you really want.

Maybe you’re stuck in a cycle of feeling inspired, moving forward in creating what you want, only to find something comes along, puts you in a spin and you wind up falling right back to where you started, stuck in overwhelm repeating the cycle of two steps forward, three steps back, feeling totally deflated and frustrated! 

Wondering, questioning, if theres maybe something wrong with you, if you are indeed ‘broken’ or not good enough, 

And then you hear, or think, that what you need to do is to focus on fixing and changing yourself and your beliefs, or find the right next strategy, you start to feel inspired again and begin to take action, only for the whole cycle to start all over again!

Or maybe you’re already on a journey of mastery, and you’re looking for the next level of personal evolution and power as you continue growing on your path of conscious creation and success, because you know life is way to short to spend it hoping, wishing and ‘some-daying’ your time away,

Either way, somethings led you here, to this invitation of stepping into a whole new way of being and seeing the world, yourself and your true power as a creator in and of it. 

If you know deep down you were born for something greater, 

you have a burning desire to create, live and achieve more than you currently are,

You want to learn how to more powerfully create your own success, 

let go of old habits, self-sabotages and step into being who it is you know you were born to be,

To feel like you are actually living an abundant, fulfilling, meaningful life, 

the one that you know you’re capable of, 

Reality Recoding is the missing key that has the power to radically transform your life! 

Reality Recoding, the truly transformational program designed to help you, 
Awaken to your True Potential,
Reclaim your Infinite Power,
Turn the Invisible into the Visible
and learn
 how to
Create the Phenomenal Success you desire.

It’s time to break-free from who you’ve been conditioned to be, step into who you were born to be, and become a powerful conscious creator. 

In Reality Recoding you’ll learn everything you need to master the creative process, realise your highest potential and bring the life you want into your physical reality with precision and success. 

Reality Recoding isn't about wishful thinking or positive affirmations, it's a transformational understanding rooted in profound wisdom and practical techniques. 

Its a revolutionary approach that completely shifts the foundational understanding of who you are, what you’re capable of and how creation really works, while waking you up to the deep inner wisdom and knowing, that has you fully reclaim your power as the co-creator in and of your life. 

This powerful, step-by-step approach guides you towards sustainable transformation, empowering you to create lasting change from the inside out, by shedding old patterns, paradigms and habits that have previously kept you stuck, so you can break-free from who you’ve been conditioned to be, and step into who you know you were truly born to be, while creating a life that supports your true vision.

  Reality Recoding is not just another program; it's a life-altering journey that empowers you to shed old ways of being and embrace a new paradigm of limitless possibilities.

  What Reality Recoding will teach you;

  If you know its finally time to quit 'one daying' your dreams and finally say YES to awakening your creative power, realising your highest potential and creating the life you want in all possible areas without....

A life that results in you waking up every day filled with absolute joy and wonder that you really get to live like this, a life of seeing your true power, knowing you really do have not just the vision but the capability, clarity and step to bring it all into being, a life that has you putting your head on the pillow each night knowing you FULLY showed up for everything inside of you and are actually living your dream, being the powerful co-creator, actioning and living out the creation of what you truly want

A life that all comes about in response to you saying yes at a single moment in time to a decision which will completely change your life, to you saying yes to being who you know you were born to be, and living how you know you want to live, and creating from a place of intentional, co-creative, conscious power, as you say YES to embarking on a life transforming journey of:

  'Life isn't finding yourself,
Its about powerfully creating yourself,
and your world,
with conscious power and intention'

Are you ready to say yes to the conscious creation of yours?

  How the Reality Recoding curriculum works 

 Online training modules

Self-study training modules that lay the foundations of realisation and creation that will begin to transform your foundational understanding of life and reality as you know it, while simultaneously awaken you to your true nature and power as a phenomenal creator in and of it.  You’ll also be guided through the process of conscious creation giving you clarity and guidance every step of the way so you’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it and in what order to bring about the creations you want to see.


You're place to show up live for invaluable coaching and support in a safe, confidential group setting where you get to connect in a deeper way, ask any additional questions that arise and gain clarity and further guidance and support around anything specific to you that you're wanting to create or struggling with. Group coaching is often where the deeper wisdom and magic lies, when even if its not you being directly coached, you'll still find these sessions powerfully relevant and relatable and you'll notice yourself having insights and breakthroughs.


Community of likeminded peers on the same journey of conscious life creation. Your place to connect, ask questions, share insights and wins, celebrate and support one another while leaning into additional guidance and support of others. 

This is your dedicated space to connect with others who just like you, are committed to the powerful creation of their own lives. 


Guided techniques that you can use to powerfully coach yourself through any resistance that may arise in the creative process, meaning you’ll not only have support and guidance through group calls and the reality recoding community, you’ll also have your own resources that will serve you for the rest of your life teaching you how to move through and obstacles and resistance as you continue on your journey of conscious co-creation. 

meditations & grounding guides

That will further support you in bringing about what it is you’re desiring to create, and help you to consciously tap into your higher wisdom accessing the creative flow state of being. These meditations have been designed with specific frequencies and subconscious commands to embed the learning, growth and transformation you'll experience as you move through the process of powerfully recoding your reality.

Additional tools & resources 

That will continue to support your growth & transformation through recommended reading and additional resources allowing you to step more fully into the embodiment of being a powerful creator and expanding your wisdom and skills.

Reality Recoding isn’t a one and done (although the training alone can have the profound effect of shifting everything for you even if you decided not to implement what you’re learning), this is about a journey of growth, transformation and conscious co-creation. 

So we’ve created a committed space for you to implement, grow and bring forth that which you wish to see in the world, one that will continue to evolve and expand as your levels of consciousness and understanding does while being guided on your journey to awakening your power as a phenomenal creator in and of your life with - Reality Recoding: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the skill of creation, unlocking phenomenal success and becoming who you were truly born to be!

Become a founding member of Reality Recoding for an investment of £97 a month for 6 months or a 1 time payment of £500

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