The 1 thing that’s holding you back from creating all you desire 💫

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The 1 thing that’s holding you back from creating all you desire.

In short, the number one thing thats stopping you from having all that you desire is;  


You are in complete mis-understanding about who you are and how your life is created.

Your searching for the right tool, the right answer, the right vibration, the ‘secret ingredient to manifesting’ the step by step model, the right blueprint, your constantly searching and seeking ‘out there’ and the more you do, the more you continue down this path, the more confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and disconnected you will continue to become.

You see, you’re looking in all the wrong places, trying to find the answers to a more successful, better you, when actually, have you ever stopped to ask yourself, who is this ‘you’ that you’re trying to improve?

Where is this ‘you’ that you’re trying to fix?

Where are those ‘blocks’ that you need to breakthrough?

Where are those things you need to learn to overcome?

Yes you maybe answering well here, I’m me this person this body, in this body, but actually the ‘you-ness’ that makes you you, the part of you that i’m speaking to right now, and all those things that are you ‘you’ back, where are they? Where are you?

Take a moment and ask yourself this question:


Who really am I?

Where really am I?

This me that I’m trying to fix and change, where is that me?

The one I hear inside? If you are the one hearing you, then that voice can’t be you?

So then where do I hear me?

Where do I see me?

Where am I?

I am not my body,

I am not my mind,

I am the awareness behind it all,

and if I am that awareness,

I cannot be the the body, the habits, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that I think I need to change in order to be a better me!

So then who are you?

I am the one that sees,

I am the one that hears,

I am that I am,

and that ‘I am’ does not need fixing, improving, changing, in fact the ‘I am’ that ‘I am’ is impossible to fix and change because it is, ‘I am’ the pure consciousness of creation that shines through and temporarily takes route in these bodies of ours creating an experience of thought coming into form.

So who am I?

I am awareness, and from that awareness, a brain, a body, a human experience is created, a magically beautifully, imperfectly perfect experience of human form, that doesn’t need changing, that doesn’t need fixing, that doesn’t need improving instead simply understanding, understanding if who it is you are and how this wonderful experience of life is created, how beautiful is that!?

how perfect is that!?

how magical is that!?

I am the creation,

I am the creator,

And from this space and place,

from this deeper understanding from this powerful perspective, you start to see all that you want, all that you are, all you desire is already within you.

And if I have lost you thats ok,

I once lost myself and maybe you have to, but something within you is stirring, and one day you’ll see it, one

day you’ll feel it, and until that day keep asking;

Who is this me I desire to change?

Where am ‘I’,

Who am ‘I’ and when you’re ready to see,

I will be here,

you will find me.



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